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How did you get into acting for feature film?
My agent, A Plus Actors, sent me on the audition. I had to audition 3 times before they gave me the green light!
What kind of roles do you look for when reviewing movie scripts?
I love assassin roles – roles that require me to be a badass 🙂 – and I love dramatic roles! I’ve never really done comedy and it’s something I definitely want to get into!
How would you describe your experience working with Danny Trejo and Steven Seagall in “Machete”?
Oh man! Danny’s awesome and so is Steven! Getting to work with two veterans was a blessing! I got to learn to relax no matter the circumstance and just be confident and “milk it”.
Do you worry about being type-cast in films?
I do. It’s flattering, but I’d love to one day be considered for films for my talent! 
What is the hardest thing you have had to learn about acting and film?
It’s definitely not easy to break into! I’ve been doing it for years and I feel like my career is barely taking off. There’s a lot of rejection in this business, but its something that you can’t allow to get to you.
What is a typical day like for you?
Eating, working out, eating 🙂 watching a movie.. checking out new projects and reading about actors and directors!
Where do you get your strong work ethic?
Hmm.. I’d have to say my father! He has worked worked and worked his entire life to get to where he is today. He has proven to me that determination is key to success. I’m determined to follow my dreams and nobody is going to stop me.
What are you most worried about when you review a movie script?
That I’ll fall in love with the script and the character and for whatever reason the project falls through.
What advice do you have for fellow actors?
If you’re going to pursue this career, you either have to be in it all the way or not in it at all. Can’t just get your feet wet and expect to book, book, and book. You must work on your craft! Practice makes perfect. And never allow anybody to tell you you can’t do it, because anything is possible in this world, within reason of course 🙂 
What do you hope to have accomplished in the next 5 years?
I will be receiving my first golden globe within the next 5 years!
Do you consider yourself to be confident?
I’m human, so I definitely have confidence issues every so often, but for the most part YES! Confidence is important to have in this business!
What actors do you admire most?
What directors do you admire most?
What process do you go through to develop your characters?
I try my hardest to become that character.
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