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Sikk Shades by Eddie Bauer, Jr.

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Sikk shadesMayra is excited to be showcasing these unique eye wear fashion by Eddie Bauer, Jr. These shades are more than fashion. Check them out and look for a Mayra Leal signature style this year.

Sikk Shades by Eddie Bauer, Jr. are masterfully created and engineered for high-performance. Use promo code: marya and get 10% off of Sikk Shades
• Max Velocity TR-90 frames
• 100% handmade In Italy
• Military-specification 31013 ballistic rated
• ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Z87.3 Certified Shatterproof
• Impacto patented Flash Electric™ coated lenses by Carl Zeiss Vision – outperforms standard polarized lenses
• Designs inspired by Eddie Bauer Jr.™ and athletes, with guidance from designers of some of today’s biggest brands.
• The Qualifier is rocket-propelled wind tunnel tested and athlete approved.
• Ergonomic, beefy frames hide a detailed locking quad-core hinge design, providing the perfect fit and long-lasting durability.
• Flamboyant, over-sized lenses give an exceedingly broad field of vision while minimizing peripheral distractions.
• Lightweight construction and proper weight balance guarantee long-wearing comfort without pressure points or fatigue.
• The micro-engineered lenses lock securely to retain shape without undue stress or distortion of the optics.
Retailing at $129 includes tax (click on Sikk Shade preference to link). When ordering use code: mayra (get 10% off)





To order you may also click here, code: mayra:

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